Blue Blade Steel Announces Lead-Free Tempering

March 1, 2010 -

Kenilworth, NJ: Blue Blade Steel has become one of the few in-line heat treating mills in the world now able to offer a “lead-free surface”.  According to president and owner Jerry Shaw Sr., “Blue Blade Steel is pleased to announce that we have been producing a lead free surface on our strip steel for over a year now.” 

The lead-free surface is a result of successfully eliminating all lead from the manufacturing processes at Blue Blade Steel.  Jerry Shaw Sr. explained, “We are very proud of our manufacturing group for being among the first companies in this country to produce hardened and tempered strip steel in a lead free process.” 

This industry-leading achievement makes a safer product for Blue Blade Steel employees and Blue Blade Steel customers who use these strip products in their manufacturing.

For more information please contact Mr. Jerry Shaw Jr: Blue Blade Steel; 123 North 8th Street; Kenilworth, NJ 07033; Tel: (908) 272-2620; Fax: (908) 272-8252; Email: ; Website:


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