An Honest Partnership You Can Count On To Manage Your Pre-tempered Strip Steel Requirements.

Demonstrating Our Commitment to Your Success

Recognizing that Blue Blade Steel doesn’t succeed unless our customers do, we are dedicated to exploring any extra service that might increase value for your end product.  Our goal in partnership with your company is to strengthen your niches in your market with service we customize to make everything in your workday easier - from purchase order to sales order.

Every market is different. Being a privately owned business, Blue Blade Steel is more adaptable. With a focus on long term relationships, we do not ignore any request that stands to strengthen our partnership.  Be it faster delivery achieved through our customized stocking programs, or PPAPs and consultations with our engineering and metallurgical team, you can be sure that partnering with Blue Blade Steel creates an extension of your company that is as focused on your success as you are. 

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In-House Metallurgical Laboratory

Supply Chain Management:

Time is your most valuable commodity; let us manage your steel inventory.

When designing a customized supply management program, Blue Blade Steel first strives to understand what is important to your sales team, and what systems best promote your product.  Whether your sales team thrives on long term price guarantees or requires quick adaptation to market fluctuations, faster deliveries, or quicker quoting, we have programs that will ensure every opportunity for your sales team to flourish.

  Next we consider your production and inventory goals.  Blue Blade Steel is well versed in JIT, Lean, TOC, and a variety of inventory management systems, and we work with you to resolve the most cost-effective way to manage inventory to meet your goals.  When business is strong, you need product quickly, when business is slow you need to limit your inventory exposure to market swings.  We will work closely with your team to make sure forecasting is current and accurate and with the fastest turnaround in our industry for pre-tempered, steel processing we will react quickly to changing requirements. 


Rolled Steel at Our Facility


Let our metallurgical and engineering teams be an extension of your company. Whether you are re-engineering an existing part or bidding on new projects, take advantage of our highly educated, experienced engineering and metallurgical staff.  Our team will review your requirements and work with you to develop cost-effective grade and process solutions for making your part.  Our consultations can eliminate much of the tedious research that goes into part development offering answers to:

  • Steel grade research
  • Pre-tempered versus annealed stamping benefits
  • Die design questions
  • How to best extend tool/die and part life
  • Equipment upgrades to maximize stamping efficiencies

Learning whether your high carbon, alloy, or 400 series SST part is a pretempered candidate can be a costly endeavor. Consider Blue Blade Steel your own personal metallurgical and engineering group.

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