Super-Flat Spring Steel Technology Joined in 2019

April 11, 2019 -

Blue Blade Steel Invests in Super-Flat Hardened & Tempered Strip Steel

New in 2019, Blue Blade Steel is joining the new Flex-Flat technology from Ebner with Blue Blade Steel's process as part one of a multi-phase investment strategy designed to expand upon existing capabilities and target new markets and further growth.

President and Owner, Jerry Shaw explains that, "this new technology has come a long way in a short time to produce industry leading Super-Flat hardened and tempered spring steel. This new investment strategy will position Blue Blade Steel as THE industry leader in quality and responsible production of hardened and tempered spring steel in North America."

This multi-million dollar investment will ultimately have laser sensing technology designed to automatically affect the flatness once fully operational. This Flex-Flat system is designed to improve flatness beyond the industry standard tolerance of .003 PIW max concavity. We welcome the opportunity to review any flatness critical specifications you have, please send your specifications and quote requests for prompt review by our expert sales team.

Combining this green technology with the latest state of the art flattening equipment, manufacturers now have an ethical choice for sourcing Super-Flat strip spring steel.

Our experts want to hear from you, send us your flat-critical inquiries today.

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