Steel Finishing

Steel Finishes

Customize your product with Scaleless, Polished, Blue, Bright, and Gold finishes
Offering both Scaleless and Polished surfaces customers choose from a variety of colors for our hardened product. Utilizing proprietary technologies developed at Blue Blade Steel, color is determined by a thin oxide layer that is created during processing. By controlling the thickness of this oxide layer through high precision instruments we are able to create both gold and blue colors. Bright (or silver) is also available.

Whether you are designing a new part, re-engineering an old design, or just looking for a way to separate your product from your competition, don't hesitate to call us for a color consultation on your pre-tempered strip steel. We offer the following surface and color options:

If you need assistance, please call 1-908-272-2620 to speak with one of our finishing specialists.

Standard Steel Finishes

  • Scaleless Blue
  • Scaleless Bright
  • Scaleless Gold  (also called "Scaleless Straw")
  • Polished Blue
  • Polished Bright
  • Polished Gold  (also called "Polished Straw")

For true colors, please call 1-908-272-2620 to speak with one of our finishing specialists to learn how you can get a sample made of polished steel.


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